Is drinking no fun any more?

Is it time for an Alcohol Reset?

Change your relationship with alcohol so you can:


- get your fun back

- enjoy mornings fresh and well rested

- take back control of Wine O'Clock

- be more present for your tribe

- restore your REM sleep patterns

- realign with your purpose

- find your True North

Does any of this ring a bell?

  • drinking feels more like something that you HAVE to do, rather than WANT to do
  • you're wondering about the health implications
  • you'd rather just drink on special occasions - if at all - not every evening
  • you rely on coffee to get you going in the mornings
  • you don't enjoy drinking as much as you used to
  • you're curious about being alcohol free as a lifestyle upgrade
  • you sometimes wake up feeling jaded, not fresh
  • you want to be present for all of your life, not numb
  • you sometimes wonder if drinking is no longer the solution ... and might be the problem
  • you sometimes wake up at 3am, wishing you hadn't had that last glass of wine last night
  • you're worried that drinking is sapping your energy
  • you find yourself wondering what kind of role model you're being 

Hi! I'm Annabel


I know EXACTLY how you feel, because I was in your shoes a few years ago. 

I was a Grey Area Drinker (someone who is psychologically rather than physically addicted) and it sounds like you could be one too.

I want to share with you the exact tools I used to take control over "wine o'clock" and show up in my life as my real self again.

Take back control of your life!

Learn from someone who's done it (me!) and has helped other women change their relationship with alcohol.

I can help you!


In 21 days I will show you:

  • how your brain works around alcohol

  • how to rewire it so its working FOR you and not AGAINST you

  • strategies to take back control of your drinking

  • how to understand social conditioning and undo the programming

  • the easiest way to change the habit of drinking

  • how to decide which is best for you: Alcohol Free or Moderation


I'm ready to take back control 💪



What happens when you stop drinking? 

Oh man! There are sooo many benefits.  Everything in life is so much easier to deal with when you're not dealing with hangovers and lack of sleep.  My list also includes: - 

  • feel happier
  • have less anxiety
  • more present for kids
  • enjoy better quality of sleep
  • find (blissful) freedom from the daily "mind chatter" about drinking
  • save heaps of money!

I love going on adventures and climbing (smallish) mountains like this one ... and I can tell you, it's a lot easier without a hangover :)

So - what do you get?

  • Total Drinking Reset over 3 weeks so you can decide the exact role you want alcohol to play in your life going forward
  • my unique step-by-step 21-day system to change your mindset around alcohol
  • daily lessons in our private and secure classroom
  • space to decide what role YOU would like alcohol to have in your life - you will never be pressured to make a decision you don't want to make <3


I'm ready to take back control 💪


How is the course delivered?

  • a daily video and online lesson to learn the exact strategies you need to break free from booze

  • a private and secure online learning space

  • Free app for your phone so you can listen or watch on the go

  • daily "Your Turn" reflections for you to dig into your old limiting fears and beliefs around alcohol

See what past participants of

21 Days to Change Your Relationship with Alcohol

say about the course:

Frequently Heard Concerns


Hay-alp! I'm scared my life will be small and sucky without booze :(

I thought that too - but turns out it's alcohol making it small and sucky!

I'm worried it won't work for me.

This can work for anyone who wants to change.

But alcohol is my friend!

Well actually, alcohol is a depressant, so it's causing you to feel anxious and sad.  It's a pretty crap friend TBH.

How will I sleep without booze?

Booze disturbs your sleep and stops you going into REM (the best kinda sleep).  3am cold sweats, anyone?

I need alcohol to help me cope with the shitty (and boring) bits of life.

Imagine how it would be if you had coping mechanisms that didn't make you feel crap and anxious the whole time!

Can't I just stop on my own?

Of course!  But I can show you how to change your mindset and your habits to superboost your success.


This course is for you if:

  • You identify with being a Grey Area Drinker - psychologically rather than physically addicted
  • You can stop drinking for short time when you HAVE to but you don't like it and miss drinking
  • You're willing to do the work for 21 days 💪  You will get out what you put in 💙

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You identify as an alcoholic and are physically addicted to alcohol
  • You suffer physical symptoms such as DTs when you don't drink

Always consult with an appropriate professional for specific advice relating to your situation. 

Hullo! I'm Annabel and I'm SO glad you're here.

A few years ago I was drinking too much and I couldn't seem to get a handle on it.  Every morning I'd wake up feeling hungover and awful, and would vow that I wouldn't drink that night.  But by the time 5pm rolled around, I'd talked myself into it and would pour myself another glass of wine.  That would lead to another and another.  And another!

I couldn't work out why it was so hard to moderate.  My husband would have a beer or two, then stop.  When I watched friends at barbecues or dinners out, they'd just have one or two then stop.  HOW? How were they doing that?  I spent years trying and failing to achieve that level of Nirvana, and beating myself up when I couldn't.  Life was miserable and sucky and very small. 

The hardest thing was the guilt and shame; I didn't really tell anyone about my struggles because I thought I was the only one.  

Then I found a way to break free. 

I took baby steps and found that I was free for a day, then a week, then a month.  Instead of my world shrinking, as I'd feared, it expanded in all directions in glorious technicolor! My life blossomed.  I found I was thriving and so was my family.

Several years later, I felt so far removed from those dark days that I sort of accidentally outed myself on social media.  I confessed that I used to drink too much; I probably wasn't an alcoholic but I was definitely a Grey Area Drinker.  

I was blown away by all the lovely messages of support that I got - and not judgement.  But what really amazed me was the number of people who got in touch, asking how I did it.  There are sooooo many of us.  I showed one person then another, then instead of saying the same thing over and over I put all the info together in one place.  That's how this course was born.

I LOVE helping women change their relationship with alcohol.  Some stop forever like me.  Some just want to do a reset and give themselves some sober space to decide how they want alcohol in their lives. 

Whatever you're here for, know that you are welcomed, you are among friends and that you can do this.


Let's go.

Come and join me

Find your True North

Let's Go!

Here's what we cover in the Reset: 21 Days to Change Your Relationship with Alcohol:

  • Brains, beliefs and programming
  • How to rewire your brain to get what you want
  • Dopamine and the limbic system
  • Habit loops and delay discounting
  • The monkey trap
  • Unmet needs common to Grey Area Drinkers
  • Building resilience
  • Seratonin vs Dopamine
  • Connection & Touch
  • Nature & Movement
  • Stillness & Breath
  • Nourishment & Sleep
  • Creativity & Flow
  • Roadmap to Freedom
  • Feeling dem feels
  • The power of guilt & shame
  • Self talk & the stories we tell ourselves
  • Morning routines
  • Tools for your toolbox
  • Maintaining your forcefield

PLUS Bonus Modules:

  • Dealing with "The Fear"
  • Sober Sex
  • Moderation vs Abstinence
  • Dealing with slips and resets
  • EFT tap along
  • Pep talk (video & audio downloads)

Daily videos and online lessons in your private and secure classroom. 

Plus Members Only FB group and weekly Lives and a supportive and nurturing women-only environment (sorry guys!).


All for AUD$197


I'm ready to take back control 💪


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