Hi, I'm Annabel.


I'm an adventurous chick who loves doing the fun stuff in life.


I've travelled the world, sailed across oceans, climbed smallish mountains, built a house in the rainforest, had a coupla babies - and did most of that with a glass of dry white in hand (not the babies bit, admittedly).


Then I found that the wine was becoming more important than the oceans and mountains ... and my life shrank.  I was sad and stuck.


So I chucked drinking in the bin,  embraced my inner sobernaut and found that my life EXPLODED INTO TECHNICOLOUR FABULOUSNESS!


Life is a million times easier and more fun when you're not trying to fit it around drinking and hangovers.


Now I help other women fight their fear of FOMO and ditch the drinking, so they can get on with having adventures and enjoying the fun stuff again.



Let's go.



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