Top 3 tips to enjoy a hangover-free Christmas

I used to have this love/hate thing going with Christmas.  I really looked forward to it – but I also dreaded it because I knew that it would involve alcohol everywhere I turned.  And I knew I’d be hungover and exhausted a lot of the time.  To be honest, I sometimes found myself turning down invitations to go out, because I’d rather stay home and “avoid the craziness” ie have a bottle of wine to myself at home, where I could drink as much as I liked.


This is my fifth sober Christmas and I’m relaxed and full of happy anticipation about the next month.  I’m not one of those “I miss drinking so much” people, because I’ve changed my beliefs about alcohol.  I think I’m super lucky to not have to deal with hangovers and exhaustion any more.  If you’d like to try an alcohol-free Christmas, here are my top 3 tips.


1. Commit to not drinking for a period

You choose: a night, a week, a month.

Then fully show up for yourself, and ring-fence those boundaries.  Make a plan and stick to it.  You know it’s just for that specific period.  Don’t be half-baked because then it’s easy to talk yourself out of it when someone it waving a glass of champagne at you.


2. Have a plan for events.

Say it’s drinks at the pub after work; decide what you’re going to say (I’m on a challenge/I’m in training/I’m driving etc) and decide what you’re going to drink.  Make it fun and treat-y; if you’re stuck with a glass of tepid tap water you won’t be happy (ask me how I know J ).  There are loads of yummy AF options now, find out what’s available or take your own.


 3. Fast forward yourself to the next day.

Mornings when you haven’t been drinking are beyond glorious; the joy of waking up with your halo intact, no headache, well rested, a fresh mouth, sparkly eyes … you get the picture.  It’s the BEST.  So when you’re thinking about your night out, fully visualise the next day.  Even better, plan something fun for the next morning or next day so you have that to look forward to, and reward yourself with.



How are you feeling about Christmas?  Are you nervous about dealing with hangovers and missing out again, or do you have a plan to be happily alcohol free?  Come and chat in the Wine O’Clock Reset private FB group.


Big hugs


PS if you’d like some extra support for a hangover-free December, come and join the December Drinking Reset.  21 Days to freedom. Why not treat yourself this year?  Starts this Sunday 29th Nov for just $197 x





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