Why is it so hard to cut back on my drinking?

Why is it so hard to cut back on my drinking?


Have you tried to cut back on your drinking and found it hard?

Do you look at others and wonder how they do it?

I did too.   I’d see other people decide they weren’t going to drink during the week, or were only going to drink with others, and think to myself, How are they doing that?


Now I know.


It’s because I kept repeating Day 1.  I didn’t realise that I simply had to get some distance between me and the last drink.


When we’re Grey Area Drinkers, it’s hard to admit that drinking has become a habit.  When it’s a habit, we’re regularly drinking an addictive substance.  Regularly drinking an addictive substance will mean we’re somewhere on the spectrum of addiction.  Maybe only lightly on the spectrum, but if drinking is part of our lives, we’re constantly in withdrawal.


So the first few days of not drinking can be tricky.  Our bodies are detoxing from this addictive substance.  It feels uncomfortable, and we’re wired to move away from discomfort.  Our actual survival instinct – which is incredibly powerful – is pushing us to do something to make us feel better.  We know in our subconscious that having a drink will make us feel better, so we give in and have one.


Even though we’d promised ourselves we were going to have an alcohol-free night!


When you’re aware of what’s going on, it’s easier to push through the initial discomfort.  You get through Day 1, then Day 2, and before you know if you’ve got a stack of alcohol -free days behind you.  That’s when you have control.  When you have your power back, and can decide what role you want alcohol to have in your life.


They say a plane uses 40% of fuel on take off, and I think it’s like that when you do an alcohol reset.  I was chatting to a member of my community yesterday who was on her Day 21.  She was so happy and proud to be 21 days alcohol free, and she agreed that the first bit is the hardest.  After 3 weeks of not drinking, she felt like she was cruising at altitude, new habits in place and finding it a breeze.  She was excited about feeling in control of alcohol.


So if you’re struggling and finding it hard, remind yourself that you’re doing the tricky bit over and over.  Get some distance between you and that last drink, and you’ll find you can get your power back.

Big hugs

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