Five Unexpected Bonuses of Ditching the Drink

 I wanted to stop drinking because I seemed to have lost the ability to moderate. And spending most of your time hung over is no way to live your life.


I thought not-drinking would be just that, my life the same but without booze.  And possibly more dull, because – well, the clue is in the word, surely? Sober.


What I didn’t expect was my life would suddenly open up into full colour.  Drinking regularly had sneakily shrunk my life into a dull colourless box, bit by bit, when I wasn’t looking. 


That was awesome.  As was the relief of having my energy back again, my joi de vivre, my skin improving, being there for my family, not spending a small fortune at Dan Murphy's, not worrying about having enough wine in the house, mornings without a headache and a furry mouth and not drinking a million excess calories every night.


But what I didn’t expect were the little things, which are actually quite big...

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Find your tribe

connection Sep 26, 2020

 I’m not going to sugarcoat it.  Breaking free from booze is simple, but not easy.  And, like most things in life, it’s about a million times easier when you have your gang around you.


This is EVEN MORE the case when you’re kicking ethanol out of your life.  Because you’re not just dealing with physical dependence, you are also:


  • dealing with your lizard brain (“just one, go on, it won’t hurt”)
  • dealing with our lovely society (“booze! It’s fun! Being sober is dullsville!”)


Getting booze out of your life seems soooo hard at first. 


You’re trying to juggle so many things at once; not drinking, dealing with those feeling of emptiness, having fun sober, feeling all the crappy feelings that you drank to avoid, dealing with the stress of not drinking, dealing with your partner or husband or friends telling you to “just moderate”…. the list goes...

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