Drinker? Non drinker? 3 things you should know

Who am I, if I’m not a drinker?


I was a bit lost when I stopped drinking.


In my 20s I was “the party girl”, the fun one, the crazy one … I kinda knew I was a bit over the top – maybe a tad scary – when I was pissed, but told myself I was fun and non-drinkers were booorrrrrring.  I was avoiding dealing with all kinds of shit, and put myself in some super scary situations.  I look back in a kind of shocked awe at the way I treated myself.  And others.  Sorry, world. 


In my 30s I was a mum and I struggled.  Privately.  In public I more or less had it together.  I thanked God for the whole “mummy juice” and “mummy time” thing, even though I was a bit horrified that we were basically saying our kids drove us to drink.  I was no longer the party girl, because I was Now A Mum.  I was the one at the back of the barbie, surreptitiously trying to pour another...

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