What is a

Grey Area Drinker?

I used to spend a lot of time googling "am I an alcoholic?".

Turns out I probably wasn't.

But it also turns out, that wasn't the question I should've been asking.

When you're looking for the answer to that particular question, it generally means that you feel out of control around alcohol.

And that's far more common than we realise.  Alcohol is an addictive drug; most people who drink it are somewhere on the spectrum of addiction.  It's just how far along they are. 

It's increments, not binary.  

There's a growing awareness of the fact that most regular drinkers are addicted to some extent.

I think that Hollywood has a lot to answer for: we think alcoholics are tramps, sitting in gutters and swigging out of brown paper bags.  And that image keeps a lot of us safe from facing the fact that we're drinking too much.

But drinking too much doesn't automatically mean we're an alcoholic.  

When I was trapped in that awful cycle, I came across the term "Grey Area Drinker" and realised that it described me PERFECTLY.  I was psychologically addicted rather than physically addicted.  I could stop for a night or two if I had to, if circumstances dictated that I could not drink, then I could do the right thing (but I'd be super narky).  Hell, I gave up for 9 months - twice!

But I didn't like abstaining.  I wanted to drink - even though I didn't like the hold it had over me.

It's a horrible place to be in.  It's like an awful prison.  You want to escape, but it's hard.  I also suspected that life would be awfully dull.  The word "sober" conjured up pictures of boring men in grey suits doing boring things.

When I finally broke out of that prison, I realised how wrong I was.  Life sober is life in GLORIOUS TECHNICOLOUR.  I realised how small and scary life in prison had become.  

I love living my life alcohol-free and fabulous!


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