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30 Days Reset: Take Back Control of Alcohol

Get ready to take control of your drinking!

How it works:

  • To kick off, we meet 1:1 on Zoom to discuss your challenges and map out your route to goal
  • You commit to 30 days alcohol free
  • You watch the daily mini video lesson (5-10 mins each) via our private and secure app on your phone or PC (this starts to unpick the subconscious beliefs hold about alcohol and is key to zilching FOMO)
  • We catch up every week on Zoom to discuss your progress and plan for the week ahead (past students say this face-to-face accountability piece is central to their success)


It's take to take back control, gorgeous, and leave those hangovers behind.

Let's do this.


What People Are Saying:

“I'm feeling great. I finished my Reset on Sunday. I'm sleeping better and feel like I've broken the habit of daily drinking I developed through COVID lockdown. I realised that connection (or lack of connection) was the main reason for my drinking. So since lockdown has lifted and I completed 21 days of no alcohol, I am feeling free of the habit ... I noticed last night the desire for a drink, and there was some in the fridge, and I'm so proud of myself for not automatically reaching for a drink. And I slept so well last night.”

Jen, Sydney

“Don’t want to drink at least till the end of the year.. and see from there! Lost some weight, workouts are easier and more fun, can go places after the afternoon. I say WINNING overall. Thanks again for leading the way and keeping us on track - you made it soo easy! ”

Lisa S, Brighton, UK

“I’ve definitely changed my mindset around drinking and the effects it has on myself and others. Abstaining has cleared my head and given me another perspective on living life with minimal alcohol intake. I am definitely a changed woman!”

Kate B, Brisbane, Aus