I love helping women get free from the alcohol trap.


I mean, I seriously love it.

I know exactly what it feels like to feel stuck and helpless.

I'm grateful every day that I can help; that I can shine a light so that other women can see their path to freedom.

If you'd like a chat, I offer a free 15 minute Discovery Call and would love to connect.  Find a suitable time and book here.

Free Masterclass: Take Control of Wine O'Clock

  • How to just drink once or twice a week, instead of every night (hullo, Daily Freedom Plan)
  • How your brain works around alcohol (this explains why you DON’T want to drink … but you really DO want a drink)
  • How to hack your drinking Habit Loops (clue: it’s not the Reward bit you need to change)

Grab the replay HERE

Get started now and get your fun back.